Griffin Center for Inspired Instruction® is an education service organization dedicated to the improvement of learning options for all students, grades Pre-K through 12. Our mission is to engage in strategic collaborations with public agencies, universities, school districts and non-profit organizations to shift paradigms in public instruction through the development and advancement of innovative research-based ideas, processes and programs.

The Center’s principal areas of interest include student access to quality arts education experiences, the learning of creative and critical thinking strategies through integrated instruction, and early language acquisition and literacy development, particularly for disadvantaged student populations.

Our experienced team of consultants, trainers and researchers will custom-tailor our education services to provide 360-degree support for our collaborators. Read more about each type of service provided below.

Planning & Implementation

Planning & Implementation Griffin Center Graphic

At Griffin Center, we have found that a well-conceived strategic plan for an organization or new initiative can crystallize a shared vision, inspire participants to develop inventive solutions and overcome seemingly intractable challenges. (Read more...)

Program & Project Design

Program & Project Design Griffin Center Graphic

Drawing on 50 years of combined experience working in education and the arts, Griffin Center senior consultants use a research-based, collaborative approach to work with school district administrators and supporting organizations in designing and implementing effective learning initiatives. (Read more...)

Professional Development

Professional Development Griffin Center Graphic

Incorporating the latest innovations in training technology and practice, our consultants offer professional development and capacity building support for district and school-level administrators, classroom teachers and artists providing instruction in arts education and literacy development, Pre-K through Grade 12. (Read more...)

Research & Evaluation

Research & Evaluation Griffin Center Graphic

The research and evaluation team at Griffin Center are respected contributors to the knowledge base in public education. All lead researchers have received academic degrees from top ranking research universities, and work closely with collaborating agencies and clients to design and implement studies that are relevant and useful. (Read more...)


Access Issues Emerge on School Arts Survey

The Los Angeles County School Arts Survey was administered for the second time during the 2011-2012 school year. Nineteen districts and 233 schools participated and the results provided significant insights on the present level of access to quality arts education programs.


Recent Publication: Arts Education in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Education has published a free online guidebook on constructing a high quality arts program, including statewide resources available to support the process. Read more...

Portland Pursues Coordinated Planning for Early Childhood Education

Representatives throughout Multnomah County Oregon have joined forces to improve the quality of care and education for children birth to age 22 under the All Hands Raised Cradle to Career community engagement effort.

Grif-fin: A mythical creature of the imagination, half eagle and half lion, the Griffin symbolizes the integration of intelligence and courage. The Griffin's ancient role was to guard sacred treasures, including human knowledge. At the Center we work to inspire teachers to trust their intelligence, improve their instruction, and embrace the courage and creativity needed to open the doors to knowledge for every child.
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